• When rain from the coast mixes with cold from the north, let the SNOW begin! Our ski areas are bustling with activity in preparation for a pre-Thanksgiving opening this year so wax up your boards and hit the slopes!

  • Fewer than 350 Malayan tigers survive in the heart of the wild, but there is hope. If we can protect their forest homes and keep them out of the hands of poachers, tiger populations can rebound.

  • Day 304. Plan a tranquil getaway to TreeHouse Point. Located in a beautiful forest beside the Raging River, 30 minutes east of downtown Seattle, TreeHouse Point promises a respite from nature in one of a kind accommodations.

  • Discover the mysterious Mima Mounds Natural Area located near Olympia. Scientists debate the mounds' origins. Some say it was the thawing and freezing during the last ice age while others suggest pocket gophers were at work. Hmmmmm...

  • Located in Wahkiakum County on the Columbia River Water Trail, Skamokawa is nestled in a beautiful little bay where two small rivers meet the Columbia. Wahkiakum is another Washington name inspired by our indigenous Tribal languages. Can you say it?

Looking for SCENIC ROAD TRIPS, things to do and places to stay in Washington State? Washington is an outdoor recreation paradise packed with places to visit for any interest from beach combing to wine tasting or extreme adventure. With twenty-nine officially designated National and State Scenic Byways—including the nation's only Marine Highway—you'll never want for road trip inspirations. Chuckanut Drive, the San Juan Islands, Mt. Rainier, the Olympic Peninsula and the rolling hills of the Palouse are all great year-round destinations so make plans now to hit the road!

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With an enormous variety of activities and attractions that range from cultural to adventurous, it can be difficult deciding exactly what things to do in Washington State. Climb into a cave; peer into a volcano; find a campground near towering waterfalls and pristine back country lakes; explore Washington State attractions; take a road trip on one of many Washington State Scenic Byways. It's all waiting for you when you plan a vacation in Washington State!

Want to learn more about what to do in Washington State? For more information on tourism, Washington State offers a free visitors' guide, Scenic Washington State.