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Cusick is located in the Kalispel Valley, nineteen miles north of Newport along the south bank of the Pend Oreille River on State Highway 20. The town of Cusick is surrounded by lush fields of timothy hay and expansive cattle ranges. Pine forest covers the surrounding mountains, creating panoramic views in all directions.

Eagles and Osprey now compete for nesting sites in the river on the wood pilings that once were used to store thousands of logs for the lumber mills along the banks. Huge flocks of tundra swans migrate through Cusick and Usk in February and March.

The Kalispel Tribe of Indians occupy the valley, holding reservation lands on the east side of the river and a business park on the west bank north of Cusick. The Kalispels manage a buffalo herd and bass hatchery on the east bank of the Pend Oreille.


Phone: (509) 445-1147

Address: 1981 Leclerc Rd N, Cusick, WA 99119

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