Big Meadow Lake Wildlife Observatory

This forested mountain lake and wetlands are a magnet for wildlife. An observation tower allows for a birds-eye view of the wildlife that call this place home. Overnight camping is available.

Big Meadow Lake is 4.1-acre shallow lake perfect for family recreating and wildlife viewing. This Lake is found in a beautiful setting of forested mountains. Visitors come for fishing, camping, hiking, birding and canoeing. It has a primitive boat launch and fishing pier. It is a shallow lake with a depth of 15'. 

History: According to Joe Barreca with Northeast Washington Trails, “Big Meadow Lake was once the true homestead. Meadow Creek was dammed to create Meadow Lake for wildlife habitat. The lookout tower was built on top of North Baldy Mt in 1964 and survived for many years without guy wires, a noteworthy fact. Guy McKee helped save it for Big Meadow Lake.”


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