Boulder Creek Falls

Boulder Creek Falls consists of a series of thrashing cascades in a wilderness valley cloaked with luxuriant old-growth forest. The hike to these falls is an all-day event but their location far from the popular Olympic Hot Springs and Boulder Lake usually means you’ll have a little solitude while savoring them.

Start by following the Olympic Hot Springs Trail to a suspension bridge over Crystal Creek. Then reach a busy camping area where a short trail leads left to the hot springs. Continue straight through magnificent old-growth forest and reach a junction. Then head left and cross the North Fork Boulder Creek and hike through towering primeval firs, cedars, and hemlocks.

At just beyond 4 miles come to two short side trails leading left to pretty little Boulder Falls, a series of cascades on the South Fork of Boulder Creek set in a mossy ravine. The lower falls plunge 25 feet into an inviting pool giving you a much colder and less crowded soaking spot than the hot springs.