Cascade Falls

Not the tallest, nor most popular of the handful of waterfalls within the Quinault Rainforest, Cascade Falls is perhaps the prettiest. The trail leading to them is a delight to walk passing through groves of magnificent ancient mossy conifers and maples and along chattering waterways. And while the hike to Cascade Falls is short—perfect for an evening stroll—you can easily spend all day here hiking on connecting trails to more groves of primeval giants and crashing cascades.

Start by checking out Falls Creek Falls right next to the parking area. Then cross the road and follow the trail along Falls Creek. Cross the creek on a good bridge and head right at a junction. Then gently climb to a bridge spanning Cascade Creek just above its falls. The trail allows plenty of good viewing spots of this charming 20-foot waterfall fanning out from a small gorge. Continue on the loop by once again crossing Falls Creek. Then head right at a junction and hike through impressive forest to a trailhead near the 1926-built Lake Quinault Lodge.