Codger Pole

The Codger Pole, a 65-foot-tall chainsaw sculpture, commemorates a 1988 high school football rematch -- played fifty years after the first game, by the same participants. Colfax lost to St. John in 1938, but won the rematch.

The "pole" is actually a fagot of five separate cedar logs with the heads of all of the golden-aged players carved into them, topped by a sculpture of a ponderosa pine and a generic bearded "codger." It's claimed that the pole is both the world's largest chainsaw sculpture of human likenesses and the world's largest football monument.

The town fathers of Colfax have done a great job promoting and placing directional signs to The Codger Pole, possibly because the town fathers of Colfax are the same people portrayed on it.

Photo via Scenic Washington



Address: 342 S Main St, Colfax, WA 99111