Enchanted Valley - Valley of 10,000 Waterfalls

Not a destination for the casual waterfall admirer, the Enchanted Valley is for hardcore backpackers who want to experience the very essence of the Olympic Peninsula rainforest. Follow the East Fork of the Quinault River through a primeval cathedral forest to a big open valley flanked by sheer walls that sheen with scores of waterfalls.

An easy day trip up this valley is the 5 mile roundtrip to the Pony Bridge spanning the river where it thunders through a tight chasm. For backpackers going the full distance, the mileage isn’t too difficult thanks to little elevation gained along the way. Upon reaching the emerald Enchanted Valley, admire an old historic 1930-built chalet (used now by backcountry rangers) sitting in a meadow on the banks of the channeled river.

Behold its stunning backdrop of sheer cliffs 3,000 feet high streaked with waterfalls and hanging snow and ice. The Enchanted Valley is also known as the “Valley of 1,000 waterfalls.” Hyperbolic? Perhaps just a tad—but start counting them until you’re convinced the name is fitting.