Maidenhair Falls

Overlooked by many waterfalls admirers due to its close proximity to Wynoochee Falls, Maidenhair Falls is a pleasant little surprise in a quiet corner of the Olympics. From the parking area, locate the Wynoochee Lakeshore Trail and follow it north.

The trail travels along the West Branch of the Wynoochee River in a nice grove of old-growth forest. After a half mile reach a bridge spanning the river over a deep chasm where Maidenhair Falls plunges into a punchbowl.  The falls are only 13 feet high, but quite scenic. And due to their location in one of the wetter corners of the Olympics, they are usually roaring.

There are a couple of smaller falls located just downstream, but you won’t be able to catch a view of them. You can however continue on the trail and walk high above the river’s south bank through more impressive ancient forest.