Mineral Creek Falls

Mineral Creek Falls is tucked within spiraling Sitka spruces, towering firs, and moss draped maples in Washington’s most famous rainforest. It’s a pleasant hike through primeval forest and along the glacier-fed Hoh River to reach these pretty falls.

Pass the busy Hall of Mosses and Spruce Nature trails and follow the Hoh River Trail. Hike through colonnades of spruces and through tunnels of mossy maples. And while the surroundings are lush, the understory is fairly open due to browsing elk. A hike here in winter is a good time to see them. At 1.5 miles the trail finally comes along the river. One mile farther just past a campsite, the trail crosses Mineral Creek on a log bridge just below the delightful 66-foot waterfall. Admire the silver cascade against emerald mossy ledges.