Potholes State Park

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The Potholes are the defining geologic feature of this eastern Washington park.  A series of Ice Age flood-carved depressions in the earth, combined with the dynamics of the O’Sullivan Dam, created hundreds of tiny islands surrounded by “pothole” lakes.

These little lakes make up half the O’Sullivan Reservoir, and Potholes State Park lies on the other side, where visitors find the lakes deeper and welcoming to boaters, fishers and swimmers.

The year-round fishing at Potholes is superb, with abundant yellow perch, crappie, largemouth bass, rainbow trout and walleye. But if you would rather be in the water on a hot, eastern Washington day, swimming and water sports abound. Think waterskiing, kayaking and paddle-boarding.


Phone: (509) 346-2759

Address: 6762 Highway 262 Eas, Othello, WA 98344