Wolf Creek Falls

Follow the Smoky Hill Trail on a steep and short descent. Once known as the Lake Mills Trail, this obscure path led to the southern tip of Lake Mills where it was fed by the Elwha River. But with the removal of the Glines Canyon Dam, Lake Mills is no more—and this trail was renamed. Its new name however is actually its old name—it’s what this trail was called before the creation of the lake.

After a steep descent to the river turn right and then walk a short way along the gravel bank of Wolf Creek and come to a gorgeous and little known waterfall in a dark mossy hollow. Admire the fanning 25-foot falls right before you. But if you step back a little you may catch a glimpse of another tier falling above it. That cataract drops nearly 100 feet and while it is difficult to fully see, the added thundering and swirling mist adds to the enchanting beauty of this waterfall.