Twisp: The heart of the Methow Valley

by Kori Rowell Burwell

Springtime arrives in the Methow Valley with a dazzling display of golden balsamroot blanketing its rolling hills, beckoning nature lovers, artists and outdoor enthusiasts to come experience the beginning of “Sunflower Season”. Nestled in the heart of the Valley, just off highway 20, at the confluence of the Twisp and Methow Rivers, is the small yet mighty town of Twisp (whose name is a Native American onomatopoeia for the sound yellow jackets make).

Inhabited by an eclectic mix of farmers, artists, business owners and folks fleeing the hustle and bustle of the big city, there is a Lake Wobegon quality to this town where main street boasts a smattering of colorful galleries, restaurants, chic boutiques, a community theater and an all-natural grocer. This town is so full of heart, you’ll realize instantly why it’s the Methow Valley’s best-kept secret.

A typical day in Twisp might be spent strolling down Glover Street, popping into galleries, grabbing a Cinnamon Twisp at the aptly named bakery, and exploring the dynamic campus of TwispWorks."

Quirky outdoor sculptures, pie eating contests and musical guests like The Paperboys at the Methow Arts Festival are all part of the Methow Magic!

Have your pick of local, handcrafted goods at artist Donna Keyser's DESIGN GALLERY on Glover Street.

Say hello to these cute kids by artist Richard Beyer when visiting the Farmer's Market. Another example of how you will find art around every corner in Twisp.

Everything tastes better when sipped out of Samantha Carlin's hand-blown glasses from Lucid Glass Works at Twispworks.

Thanks to Methow Arts, which is celebrating 35 years of bringing art to the region, you will notice that Twisp is uniquely artsy. This organization has worked diligently to support the arts in the Valley and it shows! Be sure to save the date for the 4th of July Methow Arts’ Bicycle-Inspired Arts Festival in the Twisp River Park which includes live music and performances, a beer garden, aerial arts and art making. Grab one of their ART magazines which will help you connect to all that is happening in the Methow and find out more at

Explore, create, shop and gather on the dynamic Twispworks campus where art, music, food and, beer mingle in perfect harmony.

Kids of all ages can splash in the beautifully designed water park on campus.

A typical day in Twisp might be spent strolling down Glover Street, popping into galleries, grabbing a Cinnamon Twisp at the aptly named bakery, and exploring the dynamic campus of TwispWorks. Here, kids can splash in the water park while parents sip beer at the OSB Taproom or grab a bite to eat at the Fork food truck. Home to sprawling lawns and gardens, TwispWorks has 35 retailers, artists, and local producers who bring shopping local to life. It is a thrill to watch art in action while perusing for anything from species-specific bird houses to vibrant textiles. Also homed on the campus is “eqpd”, a design and manufacturing studio that creates stunning bags, wallets, planters and more.

Saturdays in Twisp...

An array of colorful, local veggies and artisanal goods await you at the Methow Valley Farmers Market

This sign at Glover Street Market speaks volumes of what this Valley cares about. Grab a shamrock smoothie while you peruse the wine, olive oil and vinegar selections.

Enhance your shopping experience with a consciously-designed eqpd bag. You'll want one in every shape, size and color.

Most nights you'll find Tappi's owner, John Benica, wearing shorts and slinging pizzas in his wood-fired oven. A rotation of rustic Italian specialties will leave you wanting more.

Saturdays, check out the iconic Methow Valley Farmers Market where local farmers and artisans tout gorgeous produce and crafts. Afterwards, take a stroll along highway 20 to Blue Star Coffee Roasters for a formidable brew! Later, hit up the delightful Glover Street Market for wine tasting and nibbles and make a dinner reservation at the famous Tappi. The pillow bread will transport you to the streets of Italy. Prefer to to eat in? Get your supplies at Hanks Harvest Foods and Thomson’s Meats.

Twisp’s central location makes it a perfect starting and staying point for a variety of outdoor activities. Mere minutes from downtown, adventure awaits! Hike the Sawtooths, bike off-the-grid trails, or float, kayak or fish the river. The friendly locals will be happy to point you in the right direction. If you prefer to stay in town, bring a picnic lunch to the Twisp River Park (and public swimming pool) or walk ¼ mile up Twisp River Road to the Twisp Ponds outdoor art garden and salmon hatchery.

Twisp River Suites: A Home Away from Home

The Twisp River Suites will envelope you in an experience you didn’t know existed and will have you booking your return without hesitation. 

Enjoy year-round riverfront luxury at the Methow Valley's top-rated hotel

Cozy up on your screened-in riverfront deck, or in front of your personal fireplace with a bottle of wine and a signature "Twisp Plate."

Owner Joe Marver will likely be on-site to host you. Here, see him with his locally-commissioned piece,"Twispy." by local artist Steve Love.

“I was struck by the magic of Twisp the very first time I visited”, says Joe Marver, owner of the amazing Twisp River Suites Hotel. “I knew I needed to create a place that would help share that magic with others”. Marver’s 16-room riverfront luxury hotel opened in 2012 and prides itself on a unique brand of down-home, personalized hospitality.  Joe and his staff work tirelessly to care for their guests, offering up spacious and comfortable suites that are more like high-end condos. Included in the price is an opulent homemade breakfast served with local coffee and a smile.  In the evening, sit on the river front deck with a “Twisp Plate” and a glass of wine while listening to Joe sing the oldies with local musicians. If you like to travel with your dog, book a pet-friendly room at Paws Awhile Pet Suites, a new addition to the hotel in 2013 that has pet-owners raving. “The best part of my job is getting to know my guests and hearing their stories”, says Marver. “They are what keep me going.”

The Twisp River Suites will envelope you in an experience you didn’t know existed and will have you booking your return without hesitation.